The imagination is given to us to enable us to see things as they really are
— Declan Donnellan, director/writer


Freeing the already existing creative expression within you

Guiding young actors to dimensional, fully present, authentic storytelling

It is actually my experience as a student, just as much as my experience as an actor, that has instilled in me

the mission to work with young actors.

As a young student, I was full of fear in my performance classes. My face felt caught in a forced smile and my voice remained tight as I mentally twisted every direction from my teachers as proof that I was actually an incapable actor. My inner world of self doubt at times so became my external reality that I was left confusedly contradicted- could performing be my passion if I felt so crippled in the throws of the learning process?

Over 10 years later, here I am. Still in the game, with an artistry I embody proudly and gratefully. More committed to this life path more than ever before.

My journey, with all its anxieties, has turned out to be an enormous gift. Working with my pal fear has called me to dare, rise, own my relationship to artistry.

My pal fear actually asks that of me everyday. And everyday I re-commit.

“Come on, come on- get to the point” you might be saying. But it is within this very journey that my special offerings as a teacher unearthed.

I create a tremendously safe space for actors to craft a performance that truly stems from THEM. With my students, we acknowledge that as much as this craft is enthralling and intoxicatingly fun, its shadow is laden with fear, judgement, and perfectionism. Though we can’t eliminate the shadow of this creative work, we can shine light on on it by: answering potent questions, prioritizing play, and consistently committing to an intention of exploration rather than end results.

No two performers can ever tell the same story. We all are coming together with our own experiences and perspectives. It is understanding this truth that gives actors the keys to their creative kingdom. Empowering my students to trust their instincts while integrating tangible technique, I offer an approach that arms students with the ability to face any performance opportunity fearlessly.

For young adults exploring the waters of:

*roles in school drama or community productions

*the college application process

*early professional endeavors

* or simply wanting to deepen their craft

I am available to make these courageous moments unforgettably meaningful and skillfully supported.

Contact me for monologue work, song interpretation, audition technique, or character development, and let’s set you free!

Coaching can be done in person or via Skype.

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